Freshwater Gills is company that provides both product and interior design services. There are some simple point sale of sale items, but most things on a boat are custom.

Product sales such as mattresses, bedding, and floor mats usually start with a visit to our showroom or a connection at a boat show. Selecting the right mattress for your good night sleep is personal.
Being interior designers, we have an extensive fabric library at our studio/showroom. It is ideal for you to come in and work with us to create that bedding package perfect for you. However, if logistics prevent this, we can come to your boat. However, that may incur a design service fee.


Just as with residential and commercial interior projects, boat consultations are subject to a fee. Boats and yachts are basically small space. However, interior design solutions for boats can be challenging. Unlike building construction, most boats were not assembled with remodeling in mind. We often have to get creative pulling from our experience and large variety of resources. And then there are the cost issues. There are often good solutions, but typically are not inexpensive. Remember, it’s not the cost of the boat; it’s what you need to put into the boat. However, an older boat with good bones and engines, can be refreshed and be way ahead the cost of a new boat. A key consideration is considering how long you plan to keep the boat.

Many boaters want to know what it would cost to totally redo the interior of their boat. This is not an easy answer. We can discuss in broad strokes what costs could run. Usually when these round numbers are spoken, a boat owner’s budget starts to emerge. Then we can better determine the scope of the project. A boat visit or 2 will be required. A design/decorating package will need to be pulled together. This creates the basis for  a preliminary estimate. Logistics and accessibility are factors. There is a fee for this process. If those numbers come in satisfactory, we tighten up the selections and work out remaining details. If the initial numbers come in too high, then the scope and selections are revised. There are often “unknown” issues involved with redoing a boat. This is something everyone has to keep in mind.

A complete refit is a project that is usually partnered with Boat owner’s boat yard. We have laser measuring tools and CAD software available if a complete new interior design is desired.

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