Being interior designers, we pull together the appropriate materials together to create a comprehensive design.
     We utilize a variety of product: Marine, residential , and commercial to achieve the end result.  Boats and yachts aren’t assembled to make refits and interior projects easy. We usually have to get creative.
      Some types of product we use include commercial wallcoverings, woven vinyl wallcoverings, and veneers. Finishing edges are usually our biggest challenge when changing out walls.
Carpeting, woven vinyl and other vinyl products are typically used.  This is typically a very labor intensive process.
Cabinets and countertops:
      Usually the question is how invasive can you get. Most of the time it is about applying a new surface, new doors, and hardware. For a more complete refit, changing out the cabinets and and overall design is possible.
We typically like to perform comprehensive packages since one surface usually affects another.
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