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A Good Night's Sleep Begins with a Custom Fit Boat Mattress

One of our most sought out services is providing a good night's sleep at your favorite place on the water.  Freshwater Gills fits the bill with customized handcrafted mattress designs and linens guaranteed for a perfect fit for your ideal comfort!

We offer many different mattress styles and linens.  Mattress styles fall into the following categories; Latex, Inner Spring, and Upholstered Cushions. There are also many different types of linens created with different materials.  Linens and mattress styles and materials are dependent on a boat's make and model as well as the boater's lifestyle and budget.

To ensure a perfect fit, all boat mattresses and linens are hand templated by Freshwater Gills and hand custom-crafted by our experienced mattress makers at Handcraft Mattress Company.  We are proud to be the preferred dealer for Handcraft Mattress Company, who specializes in mattresses nationwide for the marine environment since 1986.  Their quality is unsurpassed.

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