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Upholstered Cushions

Freshwater Gills offers upholstered cushion designs for boat mattresses. 


So what do we mean by that, and why is it in the mattress category? There are two ways to approach a bed on a boat:

  1. Treat it like a bed at home: mattress pad, sheets, blanket, and coverlet.

  2. The other way to approach it is to treat it like an upholstered cushion that you sometimes sleep on.  This is very common on smaller vessels where the V-berth is open to the salon.  It isn’t uncommon for this area to be where bags are stowed; naps are taken, with an occasional overnighter thrown in.  In this situation, the owner(s) may elect to have a serviceable upholstered cushion in lieu of a mattress/bedding combo.


Foams are not all equal.  There are many qualities and densities.  And foam isn’t latex.  When taking this approach to create a solution for the boat owner, we discuss the best materials for their situation.

Upholstered Cushion2.JPG
Upholstered Cushion.JPG
Upholstered Cushion3.JPG
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