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Products and Process

While the integrity of a boat can continue for many years, the soft furnishings usually can't. Fabrics become worn and dated. Frequently, the mattress was never comfortable, not to mention what might be growing there after many years.  Historically and understandably so, the boat and yacht industry has been more concerned about the vessel itself, not in it's finishing details like mattresses and bedding.  Comfort and aesthetics are very personal.

Our main product offerings are:

  • Mattresses, toppers, and sheets

  • Bedding Ensembles

  • Pillows and accents

Almost everything is custom made.  Mattresses, sheets, and bedding all require templates to be made.  Most of the time, we make the templates.  This is the main reason we are usually limited to the Northern Ohio coast into the Lake Saint Clair region.  We need access to the vessel to make templates.

Our showroom/studio is located in Mentor, Ohio.  However, Laura boats out of Catawba making it a stepping stone location.  Actually, the majority of Freshwater Gills clientele boat out of the western basin of Lake Erie.  At our showroom, we have large samples of the mattresses as well as a full design library of fabrics and bedding options. If logistically possible, we strongly encourage people to make an appointment to come in to check out the product. Sometimes that isn't possible, and Laura will pack up samples and take them for a meeting where the boat is located.

Concerning a new mattress, we are the Handcraft Mattress Company dealer for our region.  Check their website: for information.

Below are some frequently asked questions people have when getting a new boat mattress.

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