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Boat Bed Templating: An Important Investment for Every Boat Owner

Do we have a template for your boat bed? The short answer is "No".

Boat Bed Templates, Unique as the Boat Bed

Even though Handcraft Mattress Company has been making boat beds for decades, and has likely created products for the same boat model you have, it is not a good idea to trust someone else's template for a few good reasons.

First, we template with tight tolerances. Can we be sure that the bed is exactly the same each time the boat model is produced? Other factors to consider:

  • The original owner may have requested changes to the original plans.

  • The previous owner may have already changed out the mattress from the original.

But here are the most relevant reasons we want to make a new template:

  • An uncomfortable mattress: Most of the time, the reason you're getting rid of the old mattress is it's uncomfortable. That often means it is fairly thin. The general rule of thumb; the thicker the mattress, the more comfort you can get.

  • The obstacles: When I make a template on a boat, I'm looking for obstacles. How thick can you go? Headroom, door/hatch clearances are issues that can influence the type of mattress.

  • Side rails: Are there upholstered side rails that influence the measurements?

  • The slope of hull: For V-berths, the slope of the hull needs to be measured.

  • Hinges: Is there a hinge needed? What is the best location for the hinge?

All of this brings to another common question. Can I bring you the old mattress to make a new one?

  • No, for many of the previously mentioned reasons.

  • Further, soft furnishings age and don't hold their original shape.

  • Things get lost in translation from a copy of a copy.

  • Finally, how would I know how well your old mattress fits?

Important Investment: Boat Mattresses and Bedding

Custom boat mattresses and bedding are an investment. Most people are not very comfortable taking the liability of making their own patterns. If logistically possible, I would like to handle the process, so when we set things up in your stateroom, everything fits great.

Ready to invest in a good night's sleep on your boat? Give me a call at 440.255.3688 or visit us at freshwatergills.com440.255.3688


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