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The Joy of Inside Out Fabric

Performance Fabric Designed for Boats

What's a performance fabric? Simply put, it's a fabric that meets certain criteria; it performs.

Here is a list of some basic criteria:

  • Is it sun-resistant?

  • Is it stain-resistant? Is the stain resistance topical or inherent?

  • Is it water-resistant? Will the fibers absorb liquid, or will fluids run off?

  • Is it hard-wearing? Is it resistant to abrasion?

  • Is it anti-microbial? Will it resist mold?

  • Is it pretty?

  • Does it feel good?

The Latest Performance fabric that is taking the interiors market by storm is Inside Out.

Why am I excited about this particular performance fabric? Simply put, It meets all the important criteria.

Not all Fabrics are Created Equal

There are some great outdoor fabrics out there. Sunbrella is the best known. It's fantastic in the rain, it's resists fading, and it's very cleanable. The issue has been the abrasion factor.

The acrylic fibers tend to pill and are not as strong as some other types of performance fabric such as Crypton. But Crypton isn't made to handle the sun and the weather.

So when selecting fabrics for interior boat projects or other interior projects, I've had to deliberate on which criterion was most important.

Inside Out Performance Fabric Has You Covered

With Inside Out Performance Fabrics, I don't have to decide on the most important criteria. They cover all the bases. Also Inside Out Performance Fabrics keeps expanding their fabric choices and I'm so impressed by the variety of texture, weave, and color development these fabrics offer.

Where can you buy them? Fabric houses like Greenhouse Fabrics, Fabricut, and JF are incorporating more and more into their lines. Furniture manufacturers are also quickly adding them to their fabric collections.

If you want to know more, check out the link:


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