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The Great Lakes Collection: Fabrics that reflect Lake Living

The Great Lakes:  No salt, no sharks, and no seashells, no palm trees, no starfish, and no sea horses...You get the picture. When it comes to nautical-inspired home decorative fabrics, you usually get a plethora of ocean-themed fabrics and virtually no lake-themed fabric options.

Lake Theme vs. Ocean Theme Decorative Fabrics

When I started Freshwater Gills, I kept looking for some novelty fabrics to work into different bedding and pillow ensembles.  There really hasn't been much out there that isn't ocean-related.   I get it, Zebra mussels, water snakes, and perch aren't that romantic, but we do have herons, gulls, beaches, and lovely rocky coasts. We have great destination spots Kelley's Island, Put-In-Bay, Mackinaw Island, Petoskey, Tobermory.....The List is huge! So why can't we have some fabric touches that remind us of Lake Living?

Custom Fabrics For You

The digital age has affected practically every industry.  The textile industry is no exception.  Now we can print out custom fabric with a one-y

ard minimum.  About 10 years ago, I began developing fabrics for our Great Lakes Collection. We have a whole bedding collection with ensembles celebrating Lake Living with our own fabrics are sprinkled through. We invite you to check out our video to understand the process.


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