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Cleaning your Boat with Norwex

Norwex, the safe way to clean interior Surfaces

I believe the best way to clean the interior surfaces of your boat or home is with Norwex. What’s Norwex? Cleaning cloths that you simply add water. Their patented BacLoc micro silver antibacterial agent combined with fibers 1/200th size of a human hair wipes away grime and up to 99% of the bacteria on surfaces. No chemical or caustic fumes allows on- the- go cleanup. Especially important in small spaces such as in the head of your boat. Imagine standing wet in your shower and just simply wiping down the surfaces. The polishing cloth makes all your shiny surface sparkle without streaks or lint; amazing on stainless steel and chrome. The cloths are gentle on wood and perfect for stone countertops.

In fact, I often give my residential clients a set of cloths as house warming presents.

I am not Norwex seller, just a satisfied customer

It sounds like I sell Norwex. I don’t. I purchase mine through I love their convenience and they work! I keep a travel size with me in my car; so great to have during these times. Another great thing to clean on your boat with Norwex?


The face and body cloths should be in your beach bag. Hot and sweaty and need to reapply sunscreen; grab your cloth and a water bottle. Just want to climb into bed without hassle? Wet your face cloth, wipe up, and go to sleep.

For more info, check out their video.


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