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Let's Talk Pillows: Transform your Boat into Your Own Personal Space

Let's have a little pillow talk. I know some guys will roll their eyes, but seriously, a few great pillows on a boat can help transform a vehicle into your own personal space. They are often the key way to add color, style, and personality to your private marine environment.

Pillows and Shams are the Focal Point

For bedding ensembles, the pillows and/or the pillow shams are often the focal point. As an interior design company, we have a number of bedding and pillow vendors that we pull from. Eastern accents and Elaine Smith are a couple of our favorites. There are also times we create our own designs.

We also love pillows that can move from the salon to the deck. These indoor/outdoor pillows can survive sun, rain, and red wine. Elaine Smith has amazing indoor/outdoor pillows. Check out:

So, here are a few pillow tips to think about for your boat or yacht:

  1. Be mindful of scale. In general, pillows for your stateroom and frequently for your salon need to be a little smaller than what you purchase for home. I can't remember the last time I used a 24" pillow on a boat.

  2. Mix up the shapes and sizes. Not every pillow needs to be square. One of my favorite pillow shapes for a bedding ensemble is an elongated lumbar pillow.

  3. Mix up the caliber of the pillows. For example, there some amazing but pricey pillows out there. Don't be afraid to invest in one and then mix it with some bargain pillows. Average out the cost of the ensemble. It's like putting together an expensive necklace with a simple black dress.

Seriously, don't you just love a great pillow?


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