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The Process of Getting a new Boat Mattress

Updated: May 19, 2020

New Boat or Old Boat? What is the process of getting a new boat mattress?

For many, owning a boat is a long-awaited dream come true. But once your mattress begins to give out, spending time on your dreamboat can become uncomfortable, or even create problems (a grumpy spouse is no fun!).

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to purchasing a custom boat mattress and initially the process may seem a little overwhelming. I have templated dozens of custom boat mattresses and therefore have some insight on the process of purchasing a new mattress for your boat!

What is the Process for Getting a new Boat mattress?

The process starts with a conversation whether on the phone, email or in person at a boat show.  There are so many types, years and models of boats/yachts out there. This situation is uniquely different from the standard sizes of residential mattresses. After the selection is made and quote is accepted, we template. This service makes us uniquely different from many other vendors who make mattresses for boats and yachts. However, logistics can be an issue.  We have 2 points of origin: Mentor, Ohio, and Catawba, Ohio. Reaching the north coast of Ohio and into Michigan as far as northern Lake Saint Claire is easy. Other areas would need discussion.  It usually takes 4-6 weeks from Templating to delivery.  Usually we deliver, however, sometimes we ship directly to customer, and they handle placing the mattress(es). 50% deposit is required to order, balance upon delivery.

Can we just give you the old mattress to make the new one?

Every new w mattress needs to be templated. Often, people want to give us the old mattress as a pattern. We don’t do this. It’s unreliable. Foam flattens out, loses shape, and we don’t know how well the old even fit. The odd shapes, hull influences, and obstructions can influence decisions and pattern. For example:  if you have a V Berth; The thickness of the desired mattress effects the slope of the mattress side cuts. We measure up and out when making a template. Head room can be an issue. Some of the mattresses can be up to 9 1/2″ thick. Access doors can also be compromised with a thicker mattress.  Often, hinges are desirable, so we mark those as well.  These mattresses are a quality investment. We want to make sure the fit is perfect.

What kind of mattresses are there?

Basically, Handcraft Mattresses fall into 2 categories: Spring and Latex. Within those categories, there are many combinations. Determining the right direction to pursue is similar to the process of determining what direction to pursue when purchasing a mattress for home.  What do you find comfortable at home? This is usually one of the first questions I ask.

If I’m investing in a custom mattress, is there any way to try out them out prior to ordering?

As the Midwest dealer for  the Handcraft Mattress Company, we have most of the hand-samples (roughly 2′ X 2′)  and 3′ X 5′ samples of the different types. The 3’X 5’s are good for trying out. We have a showroom at our Mentor Location, and we can bring a couple large samples to agreed on locations.  We have a booth at the Catawba Island Boat Show as well as Cedar Point where we bring our best sellers. We are pursuing other boat show locations as well.

What things should I  consider when selecting a new mattress?

What do you consider comfortable?  Soft? Firm? Support with a soft top layer? Gel? How often do you sleep on the boat? The answer will probably influence your budget. How important is comfort to you? Many of our clients suffer from bad backs, and being comfortable on their boat is important.  And then there are those people who can sleep on rocks. Is this for you, kids, or company?

How is the size of the mattress determined?

The size category of the boat mattresses are determined by the widest part. The length isn't important

  • 0-39″ Twin

  • 40″-53″ Full

  • 54″ – 60″ Queen

  • 60″ +  King

  • 0-85″  V-Berth Queen

  • 86″ +  V-Berth King

I have foam now. Why would I want a latex mattress?

Often the “mattress” that comes with a boat is a piece of foam.  This thin, uncomfortable piece of foam is often the reason boaters seek out a new mattress. Foam is a petroleum product.  Latex is made from the rubber tree. Latex is more supportive yet not hard, has a long life without breaking down, little off-gas, and doesn’t get warm like foam. The Pincore construction of the latex used allows for great breath-ability and comfortable resilience.  Latex is also more expensive than foam. When the thickness is an issue, I usually recommend one of the latex combinations. In general, the spring combinations need more thickness to make the luxury hotel comfortable. The thinner spring mattresses are firm.


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